Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.s)

  1. What characters are available for my Create-A-Sign?

A – Z, 0 – 9, space, period, ampersand, dollar sign, percent sign, apostrophe, hyphen, and telephone symbol.

  1. What colors does Create-A-Sign come in?

Each Create-A-Sign character can be illuminated in red, green or blue. Simply use the switch on the back of each character to change that character’s LED color to create either a single-colored sign or a multi-colored sign.

  1. What size is a Create-A-Sign character?

Each character is 7.5” X 4” X 1”. The illuminated section height is 5.4”.

  1. What if I want a different font or size for my Create-A-Sign letter?

Our characters are currently only available in our custom, 7.5” Create-A-Sign font.

  1. What is the maximum number of lines per sign?

We recommend no more than 4 lines per sign.

  1. How do I connect multiple lines together?

Create-A-Sign offers a connector kit to easily connect one sign row to another. 

  1. What is the maximum number of characters per sign and per row?

A single Create-A-Sign sign can support up-to 24 illuminated characters in either a single row or up to 4 rows. A sign can have any number of additional non-illuminated spaces.

  1. What display modes are available on my Create-A-Sign?

Your Create-A-Sign can be displayed either in steady-on mode or flash mode.

  1. How can I display my Create-A-Sign?

Your Create-A-Sign can be hung with the chains that are included, or it can stand alone on a flat surface.

  1. What is the length of the warranty?

Create-A-Sign signs carry a one year limited warranty

  1. Can I use my Create-A-Sign outdoors?

This product is for indoor use only. Do not use in damp or wet locations.

  1. Can I get a copy of the installation instructions and warranty information?

You can download the instructions and warranty information for your Create-A-Sign at Create-A-Sign Instructions.pdf

  1. How do I clean my Create-A-Sign?

Use a dry cloth for cleaning. Do not use liquid cleaners or aerosol cleaners. Disconnect power before handling or cleaning.

  1. How is Create-A-Sign different from a custom neon sign?

The Create-A-Sign is an LED sign. LED signs are far less fragile than neon signs and are not made of glass. That means they are less susceptible to breakage both in transit and during installation. LED signs are also a more energy efficient and environmentally friendly light source. Neon signs can also contain mercury.

  1. What kind of maintenance will my Create-A-Sign require?

LED signs require virtually no maintenance.  Create-A-Sign is made of highly durable plastic and long lasting LEDs.

  1. How can I power a Create-A-Sign?

You can use a power supply or the soon to be available battery pack.

  1. I need to move my sign. Can I take it apart and reassemble it?

You can easily disconnect and reconnect your Create-A-Sign as many times as necessary. No tools are required. Just follow the installation instructions found at Create-A-Sign Instructions.pdf